Professional System Re-Architecting Services

System Re-Architecting

Over the course of time all software solutions eventually become obsolete. Business owners have to make the decision to either rewrite the solution or migrate their existing product to a modern mainstream technology or new platform. Simple Answers provide analysis services designed to assess legacy software to determine if it should be rewritten or migrated.

We help our clients attain their business goals through capitalising on our experience of software re-engineering. Simple Answers has a proven re-engineering methodology that is designed to maximise code reuse thus ensuring costs are kept to a minimum and the solution is migrated rapidly.

Porting & Migrating

In order to make a product accessible to a wider customer base or to retain key customers who are adopting an unsupported technology platform, many businesses seek to port or migrate their existing products to new technology platforms. As mature products become obsolete, the out-dated technology makes product support and upgrades difficult and costly.

We offer the following porting and migration services:

  • Assessment of the product to be migrated
  • Research of the platform to be supported
  • Review of functionality transfer
  • Cost / Benefit Analysis
  • Implementation of the migration

Legacy Systems

Advancements in information technology can fundamentally change the nature of business operations, necessitating the re-engineering of legacy IT systems and applications to new environments capable of supporting evolving business needs, while preserving established rules and practices. Other motivating factors for engaging in re-engineering initiatives include coping with rising maintenance costs due to non-standardized code and instability caused by multiple patches over time.

Engaging in systems and application re-engineering projects can be challenging. Selecting the best new technology and recovering lost documentation and source code can be slow down business progress. To overcome these challenges, we offer end-to-end systems and application re-engineering services, including:

  • Analyses of product functionality
  • Feasibility assessments of required modifications
  • Advice on best new technology to use
  • Research and development of new algorithms
  • Prototyping
  • Recovery and documentation of code for future modifications

Project Recovery

Not all software projects work. We are able to help recover failed, failing, or “can’t be done” projects. The causes of project failure can be varied: from cost and/or time overruns/underestimations due to poor project management or insufficient resource allocation to the occurrence of a catastrophic event (irretrievable loss of data/personnel).

Some projects are irretrievable, but wherever possible we will try and help recover a project as economically as possible. We can provide a fresh perspective on how to achieve project goals and accelerate project recovery by maximizing code reuse. To overcome barriers to success, we offer the following project recovery services:

  • Project Assessment
  • Recovery Planning
  • Replacement or augmentation of development staff
  • Code audit and Improvement recommendations
  • Code recovery and/or technical documentation
  • Implementation of development

Our Mission

The Simple Answers mission statement is simple; “Work with exciting people to deliver exciting projects”. We feel very passionately about the software we build and we strive to build solutions that exceed expectations. We focus on forging relationships with companies that feel the same way about their products and services.

Recognised by Industry

Simple Answers is a successful company that has been developing software across a variety of industries since 2001. Software that we have built on behalf of our clients has won national awards competing against household names such as AXA, Admiral Insurance and Our approach to software development ensures built solutions exactly meet system requirements and consistent customer satisfaction.

Highly Experienced & Motivated Team

We have specialists in the following areas; Systems & Business Analysis, System Architecture Design, System Integration, CAD System Design, 2D/3D Visualisation System Design, Security, Automation, Performance, UX and Graphic Design.

We employ a highly talented team of computer scientists and software engineers with advanced skills and many years of industry experience. Our employment strategy ensures we choose the brightest minds and the best talents in the market.

Our team has the industry experience and confidence to build software solutions on behalf of our clients that exceed expectations and conform to industry best practices. As a result we forge long term relationships with our clients and they go on to use our services for future projects.

Impressive Track Record

Simple Answers has a proven track record of developing and managing software and providing IT consulting. Our development teams have more than 14 years of success in helping organizations maximize their development return on investment (ROI).

We provide IT services to corporate, SME and start-up companies. We have experience working with corporate companies, such as; Baker Hughes International, First National Bank, Bank of Scotland, RZB Bank. We also have successfully aided start-up companies with the design, implementation, marketing and sale of their envisaged product.

Simple Answers has received repeat business opportunities for a significant number of clients, and has successfully worked with clients in North America, Europe, Russia and Australia regions.

Industry Best Practices

Simple Answers has partnered with industry leaders and has completed all necessary assessments to become accredited. Provided below are the accreditations that we have achieved:

- Simple Answers is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner which is the highest accreditation that an independent technical provider can achieve.

- Simple Answers is an Oracle Partner Network Gold certified partner.

As a certified Oracle and Microsoft partner means we are qualified to offer comprehensive support for a range of products they provide.

Simple Answers is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified therefore ensuring our customers that we follow industry best practices relating to quality assurance and data security.

Competitive Pricing Options

Whether you are a large corporation, an SME or a start-up taking your initial steps, you will receive the same quality of service from Simple Answers. We strive to provide software development services of the highest standards whilst ensuring our pricing remains very competitive and affordable.

Simple Answers has close working relationships with trusted long-term business partners located across the world. Dependent on the scope of work, services required and contract duration, we offer a selection of project engagement options designed to help clients choose the right solution that meets their budget. Regardless of which solution is chosen Simple Answers will ensure the project is perfectly executed and a delivered.

Our business partners and certifications:


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