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Enterprise Information Portals

An Enterprise Information Portal (EIP), is a framework for integrating information, people and processes across organisational boundaries. Essentially, it serves as a gateway to an organisations’ information and knowledge base. Most frequently they are deployed as web applications.

Simple Answers have vast experience of developing EIP solutions. EIP’s are business focussed solutions, so initially time is spent understanding the needs and requirements of the customer. This can range from delivering KPI focussed portlets to data mining and analysis components. Once this has been determined, the architecture team can focus on designing both the interfaces to external systems and progressing the underlying data stores required to support these portlet and components.

EIP Selection

- There are two different types of EIP. A Horizontal Enterprise Portal is used by numerous users across an enterprise for a variety of business functions. A Vertical Industry Portal (“vortal”) provides information and resources for a particular industry, subject area, or interest. Selecting the right portal is of upmost importance and Simple Answers has experience of designing and implementing both of these variants.

Integration Roadmap

Deciding application integration precedence can be a daunting and time consuming process. Simple Answers work with customers to help them prioritise which applications to integrate, how they can be integrated, which objects are required from the respective system and how frequently they need to be executed. Both behavioural and bidirectional data interfaces can be established; this will allow the EIP not only to consume third party data but it will also enable behaviour to be executed (i.e. run a processes) on the third party application.

Workflow Orchestration

Once data and behavioural integration feeds have been established, workflow definition and execution can be developed. EIP’s can be developed to execute Business Process Management (BPM) style processes; they can interface with middleware to execute third party application behaviour.

Core Framework Features

Initial project focus will be placed upon working with customers to deliver core framework features. These include Single Sign-On, User Access Control, Customization, Collaboration and Searching capabilities. Simple Answers will ensure the correct features are adopted; managing the project from inception through to delivery.

Our Mission

The Simple Answers mission statement is simple; “Work with exciting people to deliver exciting projects”. We feel very passionately about the software we build and we strive to build solutions that exceed expectations. We focus on forging relationships with companies that feel the same way about their products and services.

Recognised by Industry

Simple Answers is a successful company that has been developing software across a variety of industries since 2001. Software that we have built on behalf of our clients has won national awards competing against household names such as AXA, Admiral Insurance and Our approach to software development ensures built solutions exactly meet system requirements and consistent customer satisfaction.

Highly Experienced & Motivated Team

We have specialists in the following areas; Systems & Business Analysis, System Architecture Design, System Integration, CAD System Design, 2D/3D Visualisation System Design, Security, Automation, Performance, UX and Graphic Design.

We employ a highly talented team of computer scientists and software engineers with advanced skills and many years of industry experience. Our employment strategy ensures we choose the brightest minds and the best talents in the market.

Our team has the industry experience and confidence to build software solutions on behalf of our clients that exceed expectations and conform to industry best practices. As a result we forge long term relationships with our clients and they go on to use our services for future projects.

Impressive Track Record

Simple Answers has a proven track record of developing and managing software and providing IT consulting. Our development teams have more than 14 years of success in helping organizations maximize their development return on investment (ROI).

We provide IT services to corporate, SME and start-up companies. We have experience working with corporate companies, such as; Baker Hughes International, First National Bank, Bank of Scotland, RZB Bank. We also have successfully aided start-up companies with the design, implementation, marketing and sale of their envisaged product.

Simple Answers has received repeat business opportunities for a significant number of clients, and has successfully worked with clients in North America, Europe, Russia and Australia regions.

Industry Best Practices

Simple Answers has partnered with industry leaders and has completed all necessary assessments to become accredited. Provided below are the accreditations that we have achieved:

- Simple Answers is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner which is the highest accreditation that an independent technical provider can achieve.

- Simple Answers is an Oracle Partner Network Gold certified partner.

As a certified Oracle and Microsoft partner means we are qualified to offer comprehensive support for a range of products they provide.

Simple Answers is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified therefore ensuring our customers that we follow industry best practices relating to quality assurance and data security.

Competitive Pricing Options

Whether you are a large corporation, an SME or a start-up taking your initial steps, you will receive the same quality of service from Simple Answers. We strive to provide software development services of the highest standards whilst ensuring our pricing remains very competitive and affordable.

Simple Answers has close working relationships with trusted long-term business partners located across the world. Dependent on the scope of work, services required and contract duration, we offer a selection of project engagement options designed to help clients choose the right solution that meets their budget. Regardless of which solution is chosen Simple Answers will ensure the project is perfectly executed and a delivered.

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