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PATH Forex Ltd is a company that specialise in trading on the world Forex markets. The company wanted to expand its services by introducing a new trade signal service to their customer base. The system would enable the PATH Forex expert traders to publish trade signals into their bespoke trading platform, once submitted the signals would then be sent “instantly” to all subscribers that use their service. Each customer would receive signals direct to their desktop via a client application which runs transparently in the background. Alternatively customers may configure the system to receive signals via SMS or email.

PATH Forex also required the capability for their customers to take advantage of automated trading. The concept is that each customer installs the PATH Forex “client” trading software and then proceeds to configure it such that it connects to their broker account. Once configured the software has the ability to automatically place real time trades on the customer’s account.

The software was also required to provide customers with controls which enable them to manage the level of risk whilst trading. Furthermore a selection of tools were requested enabling customers to: view performance charts, view profit / loss statements, view pending/active/completed trade tickets and a discussion forum.


We appointed a systems analyst to work closely with the traders employed by PATH Forex Ltd. The objective was for our analyst to understand the processes that Forex traders follow whilst placing real time trades on the market. With this understanding we were able to design a system that captured key information required to execute trades and create an effective workflow which was efficient to follow.

Fundamentally the above topology consists of three client applications and two server processes thus defining a typical client / server architecture. The architecture enables traders to post signals to a centralised server, the server then broadcasts the signals to all subscribers. It is important to note that a dedicated server was provided for processing customers’ accounts that utilise the automated trading service – hence this server ensures live trades are managed effectively and have the highest priority. NOTE: delayed processing will result in price fluctuations (slippage) which frequently result in loss of funds.

Our team worked very closely with the client to ensure the final deliverable was exactly what they requested. We proactively requested the client to test the software at various stages of the development cycle to ensure their requirements had been fulfilled; furthermore this presented the client with an opportunity to request enhancements to the software.

technologies/ tools used

Microsoft Visual Studio, C#, .NET, Direct X, Object-Oriented Programming, MVC, WinForms, MYSQL, Linux ANSI C/C++ (server development), Distributed system development, MQL (MT4 scripting), HTTP / CGI (web services interface), REST.


The client was very pleased with the result and they confirmed that all requirements as per the specification had been met. The client is actively selling their system and they are very happy with the scalability of the solution. This project was delivered on time and on budget.


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