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EnteThis application was created to facilitate the SA Business development process. For many years we have utilized several project management / issue tracking solutions to facilitate our internal development process – however such tools did not meet our specific requirements. Therefore we elected to create our own in house issue tracking solution.

The Issue Tracker software is designed to enable our team to effectively capture specific information relating to new requirements and issues relating to projects we support. Once captured the system provisions the processing of each task to ensure quality is maintained. The system is used by project management to enable them to track projects and gauge quality based upon the open defects and their resolution status.


Through using various 3rd party software applications we identified several key features that we required. We designed the software such that it complements our internal software development process therefore enabling us to provide an enhanced service to our customers. During the development of the software the application was presented to project management and developers to obtain feedback. All comments were analysed and merged into the final deliverable.

technologies/ tools used

Microsoft Visual Studio, C#, .NET, Direct X, Object-Oriented Programming, MVC, WinForms, MYSQL, OpenGL.


The completed issue tracker solution is actively used by our team to track issues and new features. Most importantly it has assisted our team with the completion of the following tasks:

    The main features of X are:
  • Estimation of tasks/projects
  • Delegation of responsibility
  • Issue tracking
  • Re-estimation of tasks in case of requirement modifications
  • Interoperation with customer
  • Management of Employees
  • Management of Issues
  • Ability to populate time sheets
  • Payroll calculation


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