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Advanced Ecommerce Solutions specialise in the creation of websites for shops located throughout Europe. They employ a team of web developers to implement the ecommerce websites as requested by their customers. Various 3rd party ecommerce solutions would be utilised by developers to enable them to implement the requirements as specified by the customer. Customers were pleased with the final product; however support and maintenance proved problematic due to each website utilising different technologies and implemented by different teams of developers.

The client required a scalable solution which would enable them to quickly build ecommerce websites. Each website would be constructed from predefined modules that are highly configurable thus enabling developers to exactly match the design specification as agreed by the customer. All customers would utilise the same core system to power their ecommerce website therefore maintainability would be manageable with a small development team.

A requirement of the system is that the ecommerce solution must enable shop owners to administer their website. The administration application was required to provide the following capabilities; the ability to configure the look and feel of their website, the ability to manage their products as advertised on their website, the ability to process customer orders, the ability to accept ecommerce payments, the ability to advertise products on 3rd party websites (such as Froogle) and the ability to create charts for tracking sales performance / visitors.


During the initial stages of this project our systems analyst worked closely with the developers at Advanced Ecommerce Solution to identify the requirements of the system. Specifically we had to list all the mandatory and optional features that a typical ecommerce customer might want. Their developers utilised various ecommerce toolkits (each providing differing features). We spent time researching these tools to identify the key features of interest. On completion of identifying all the key features we conducted several meetings to discuss the specific requirements for this project. Once the requirements had been finalised our system architects proceeded to design the system.

At key stages of the development process we invited Advanced Ecommerce Solutions to review the system to verify it was working exactly as they expected. This also provided the customer with the opportunity to make minor adjustments to the system.

technologies/ tools used

Borland C++ Builder (Windows client application), Linux ANSI C/C++ (Server Development), MYSQL, Distributed System Processing, CGI (Web Services), REST, SOAP, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, eCommerce Gateway (PayPal, WorldPay).


We provided an intuitive and easy to use interface which allowed shop owners to fully manage the product content of their website. Our solution enabled Advanced Ecommerce Solutions to provide the following features to their customers:

    The main features of X are:
  • A Professionally Designed Website
  • eShop Manager Windows Software To Manage The Website & Products
  • Online Catalogue (includes text, photos, and prices)
  • Unlimited Product Categories
  • eCommerce Payment Facility (accept online payments)
  • Company Database (to store products, customer details, and order details)
  • Customer Login Interface
  • Customer Tools (Process Shopping Cart ‘checkout’, Manage Orders, Order History, Print Invoice, Customer Support)
  • Shopping Cart Processing Abilities
  • Search Engine Optimised Website
  • All Products Advertised & Promoted On Froogle (Export Capability)
  • Website Statistics Tools

Advanced Ecommerce Solutions were very pleased with the final deliverable. Their web developers were quickly able to learn the ecommerce scripting modules that enable them to build new websites fast and efficiently. Support and maintenance has been streamlined because they now only need to maintain a single code base for all their ecommerce websites – this has resulted in significant savings and has enabled them to grow their business due to increased scalability.


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