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Our client owns a casino. They required a training and certification tool which enabled them to effectively train their newly recruited casino croupiers. The objective was to ensure new employees clearly understood the rules and were capable of negotiating various game scenarios.

The purpose of this program is to automate training and certification of casino croupiers. The program was designed such that it can be run in either training mode or certification mode. The software supports a variety of casino games including; poker, blackjack, roulette. Each of the supported game categories had a range of configuration settings therefore enabling various versions to be emulated. The administrator could configure test scenarios ready for the junior croupier to be tested.


We appointed a systems analyst to work closely with the client to identify the specific test scenarios that the casino test harness had to be capable of supporting. Our analyst was able to identify the requirements and present them to the client with a formal feature specification document (FSD). A document review meeting was scheduled where all requirements were reviewed and thoroughly discussed. Once all requirements had been agreed on the FSD was signed off and the development process proceeded.

Our developers were successfully able to design the system and create a prototype within weeks. The prototype was immediately presented to the client and feedback was requested. We successfully integrated all comments provided by the client and this did not impact the scheduled completion date.

technologies/ tools used

Microsoft Visual Studio, C++, MVC, WinForms, GDI, MYSQL.


The client was pleased with the completed product primarily because it fully met their expectations.

    The casino croupier test harness provided the following key features:
  • Creation & maintenance of individual trainee records
  • Sample feature 1
  • The ability to perform hot seat training / certification sessions whilst automatically maintaining individual results
  • Highly configurable game rules
  • The ability to export records to Excel spread sheets

The client is successfully using the casino training tool to effectively train newly recruited croupiers.


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