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Car Agent specialise in providing vehicle management solutions to showrooms located throughout the UK. Each client has their own website where they advertise the vehicles they currently have in stock. Potential customers have the ability to view vehicles and contact the dealer requesting additional information. Historically Car Agent maintained their customer websites manually but they wanted a scalable solution which does not require manual intervention.

Car Agent traditionally specialised in car vehicle management services and they wanted to expand their services into other areas including motorcycles, commercial vehicles, caravans, and boats. They wanted a solution which also supported this objective. Their website should present an interface which enables customers to browse vehicles as provided by the dealer showrooms that subscribe to the Car Agent service. Furthermore the website had to provide the ability for users (visitors) to list their own vehicles for sale.


The most important aspect of this project was to ensure the supplied system provided the Car Agent customers with the functionality they wanted. It was clear that their customers wanted their own website which had the ability to advertise their stock and services. One solution Car Agent considered was to employ a website designer to implement websites for each customer and then provide vehicle updates on demand. We strongly advised them not to consider this solution because it would prove to be expensive and having only one designer would be a bottleneck due to that person only being able to do a finite amount of updates per day. We proposed that a system should be implemented which would enable their customers to manage their own website. This solution would be scalable therefore enabling Car Agent to support potentially hundreds of customers.

technologies/ tools used

Borland C++ Builder (Windows client application), Linux ANSI C/C++ (Server Development), MYSQL, Distributed System Processing, CGI (Web Services), REST, SOAP, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AutoTrader API.


EnteThe system provided to Car Agent enabled all of their customers to have a website which could be managed directly. The software supplied to their customers was well accepted and positive feedback was received from everyone. Customers were now able to effectively manage their vehicles and advertise them on their website. Also the software provided everyone with a powerful content management system which enabled them to change their website look and feel (with a click of a button), change the text displayed on their website, add & remove pages, create their own vehicle categories and much more.

One of Car Agent’s objectives was to target other sectors of vehicle sales including motorcycles, trucks, caravans, and boats. The software application that we provided supported advertising for all of these vehicle types. Furthermore the software was now capable of supporting customers who sold a combination of cars, motorcycles, trucks, caravans and boats.

We implemented a completely new website for Car Agent. The website now supported the ability to advertise their customers stock and vehicles added by members of the public. The software application supplied to their customers enabled them to advertise vehicles (for free) on the Car Agent website. The ability for Car Agent customers and members of the public to advertise on the Car Agent website was a complete success.

Overall the solution provided to Car Agent was a complete success. Their customers were very happy with the new software for managing and advertising their vehicles. Also, Car Agent were very happy with their new website which has attracted lots of new public and trade customers.


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