Our core business is developing software. We have worked in many industry sectors, and with clients varying in size from sole traders to large multi-nationals. One thing unites all the projects we work on, creating great software that supports our clients’ business needs. We believe for a project to be a success our clients need to consider us a part of their team and business plan.

In order to achieve this we pay special care to the processes we use in creating software. We have taken standard industry processes, such as AGILE and LEAN, and moulded them to suit our own working habits and expertise. We use software where appropriate to help us build and track the development process. In support of this we are ISO 9001 compliant.


We work with our clients to explore their needs and cultivate their ideas into an articulated business proposition. We help to explore potential viable alternative to ensure all options have been considered. To be successful a close working relationship between us and our clients is essential.


With the vision understood Simple Answers architects will analyse the requirements and propose a high level solution. The solution and the team resourcing requirements are presented as a formal tender proposal. The tender document will clearly define; resources, rates, responsibilities, project duration and collaboration rules.


Careful design is essential for efficient software development, both in terms of producing a quality product and a product that meets our clients’ needs. Simple Answers has experienced solution architects that are available to give expert guidance on demand to ensure development team are not blocked and make the right decisions.


We use tried and tested development methodologies to ensure that software is built as reliably as possible. Throughout the development process we work with our clients to ensure we are building the product to their exacting requirements.


Our aim is to have an ongoing relationship with our clients after their software is built, ensuring that they have continuity of service, allowing them to concentrate on their business. We provide bespoke support and maintenance packages to facilitate business development.


For any project to succeed it is essential that our clients view us as part of their team. This is true of not just the early stages of a project but throughout the whole software life-cycle.

We have worked in many business sectors, and believe that one of our main strengths is our ability to learn about our clients’ needs, their industry, their business plan, and how best to achieve their goals with software development. We chose to work with clients who we believe will be successful. If we don’t believe that a client’s plan or budget is achievable we’ll be honest and explain why. We’re happy to work to tight deadlines, or push the boundaries on new types of software, but we don’t want to see our clients waste their time and money. Our business model is to enable our clients to achieve their business goals, which in turn allows us to achieve ours.


There are two main methodologies that can be used for creating software.


The RAD methodology is akin to creating a prototype first for proof of concept, then having a series of short iterations in which the application’s functionality is enriched. This enables a client to see their software from the beginning, and potentially generate early revenue.


The Waterfall methodology is based on very detailed planning early on, with all requirements mapped out in advance, designed, and test plans created before any coding begins. This is great for projects where all the requirements are known at the beginning.

Both approaches have their merits, and the choice of which to use is very much dependent on an individual project. Sometime we even use a combination of the two; i.e. we use the waterfall methodology to create a base application, then expand its functionality on a Agile basis.

Regardless of the choice of methodology, we always set out clear procedures for each project to ensure quality is maintained. This includes using software to build software. We use tools for designing databases, storing design documents, tracking bugs during testing, etc.


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