Simple Answers is an experienced UK based company that specialises in providing software development services, mostly for companies located within Europe and the United States.


We specialise in the creation of bespoke software for our clients. Simple Answers was established in 2001 and since that time we have worked in many industries, including; Oil and Gas, Insurance, Finance, Pharmaceutical, and Gaming. At the core of what we do is our ability to create great software.

Some of the biggest names in the commercial world have conducted their own due diligence, considered their options and chosen to work with Simple Answers. Clients including Baker Hughes, First National, RZB Bank, Composite Legal Expenses and Crown Paints have trusted us to produce powerful digital solutions, from powerful CAD system to award-winning enterprise software platforms.

Phil Ward, Commercial Director, explains the philosophy behind SA Business

“The role of IT is to ease our lives. In business that only means one of five things; to provide a tool that facilitates a process, to streamline a process, enhance communication, create new sales routes or better organise information. Too often IT becomes convoluted with jargon, this needn’t be the case. When companies buy in IT services what they want is an answer to a problem. We prevent our clients from having to worry about the technical challenges, allowing them to concentrate on what they do best, running their own business.”


Companies are more than bricks and mortar, especially those founded in IT. We believe that the people you employ make the difference. We look for intelligent, enthusiastic and dedicated personnel who are capable of delivering on their talent. By only selecting high-calibre personnel we are able to provide a first class service to our clients.

Our team consists of highly motivated and experienced; account managers, solutions architects, integration architects, software engineers, testers and designers.


At the core of what we do is our ability to create great software. Our talented team of software professionals has successfully delivered numerous solutions across a variety of industries including; Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Financial, Insurance and Gaming.

We have experience in building; CAD systems, 2D and 3D visualisation systems, data driven systems, web portal systems, web services, mobile applications, online gaming and simulation systems. For examples of our work please see the case studies section.



We strongly believe that our service is superior to our competitors and our pricing model is equally as impressive.


For any project to succeed it is essential that our clients view us as part of their team.


We ensure client communication is optimal. Our clients are consulted throughout the development process.


Our architects design systems that are of high performance, scalable, robust and easily extendable.


A key factor when developing software. We provide comprehensive code documentation.


We can provide advice on business processes, system design, UX experience and business development.


Our team upon request is happy to work onsite with our client to ensure their systems is well supported & maintained.


We employ top talent to ensure our clients receive an excellent level of service ensuring project success.


For any project to succeed it is essential that our clients view us as part of their team. This is true of not just the early stages of a project but throughout the whole software life-cycle. We have worked in many business sectors, and believe that one of our main strengths is our ability to learn about our clients’ needs, their industry, their business plan, and how best to achieve their goals through software development.

We chose to work with clients who we believe will be successful. If we don’t believe that a client’s plan or budget is achievable we’ll be honest and explain why. We’re happy to work to tight deadlines, or push the boundaries on new types of software, but we don’t want to see our clients fail, wasting their time and money. Our business model is to enable our clients to achieve their business goals, which in turn allows us to achieve ours.

We strive to provide our customers with IT solutions that exceed their expectations and are technologically advanced.


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